Seville Orange marmalade

Seville oranges are usually in the shops towards the end of January but be quick, they won’t be available for very long!

Weigh the oranges, you will need twice as much granulated sugar as oranges but this can be adjusted according to taste. It is preferable to warm the sugar in a stainless steel bowl or similar for 10 – 15 minutes but don’t let it burn. This saves a lot of time when boiling the marmalade. This recipe makes about 6kg.

Here we go!

Wash 2kg of Seville oranges and put them into a stainless steel pan with 5litres water. Cover and simmer gently until they are soft – about 2 hours.
Cool and drain but keep the liquid.
Cut the oranges in half and scoop out the insides. You can put the pips into a muslin bag if you don’t fancy fishing them out later.
Slice the peel finely and add all the ingredients back into the orangey liquid.
Bring to the boil and and let it reduce by at least half.
Add the warmed sugar and stir until dissolved.
Boil as quickly as possible until the setting point has been reached (105deg C or 220 deg F) You can also tell if you you place a little of the marmalade onto a cool saucer; if it forms ripples when pushed from the edge, then you’re there.
Pot up into sterilised jars and either cover with screw-tops or with silicone discs onto the surface of the marmalade and then covered with cellophane held in place with an elastic band/string.


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